pharmacy ethics

Pharmacists' perceived responsibility for patient care when there is a risk of misadventure: a qualitative study

Objective. To investigate how community pharmacists view their responsibility for patient care in a scenario involving opioid use with significant risk of toxic- ity or misadventure. Methods. A case scenario was developed based on an Australian …

Pharmacist responsibilities when selling complementary medicines

Introduction. There is a need for clearer guidance for pharmacists regarding their responsibilities when selling complementary medicines. The investigators have developed an ethical framework that proposes five responsibilities for pharmacists …

Pharmacy ethics and complementary medicines

Evaluating pharmacist responsibilities when selling complementary medicines

Expectations and responsibilities regarding the sale of complementary medicines in pharmacies: perspectives of consumers and pharmacy support staff

BACKGROUND: Most sales of complementary medicines within pharmacies are conducted by pharmacy support staff. The absence of rigorous evidence for the effectiveness of many complementary medicines raises a number of ethical questions regarding the …

A problem for achieving informed consent